Early Childhood Education

In June of 2010, following a comprehensive review of the ADF’s activities and impact over the past 20 years, and after reviewing the research from consulting with local experts and educators, the board of directors is united behind an exciting new strategic initiative for the organization.

While maintaining ADF’s traditional mission of supporting academic excellence in East Baton Rouge Parish public schools, we will focus our initial efforts on high-priority areas with high return on investment. ADF's focus is early childhood education. Accordingly, ADF will target its programs—including grant making, fostering early education capacity, advocacy for best practices and system accountability initiatives—on opportunities to advance early childhood education and related services in public schools across East Baton Rouge Parish.

The long-term positive impact that quality early childhood education has on K-12 student outcomes is significant. The research is clear; investing in early childhood education pays huge dividends to society down the road. The grassroots funding the community can bring to the table is just the beginning. Through collaboration, advocacy, research and outreach, ADF works to leverage our influence. We seek to help connect and partner with the expertise and wisdom already present in the EBR community to make East Baton Rouge Parish the best place to raise a child.

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